Prep, Blot and Blend

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Prep blot and blend, it’s all in the name

Is the prefect tool for prepping your skin for Make-up application as well as blending out lines of demarcation. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with moisturisers, eye serums and lotions, make-up primers as well as make up removers. This is a hygienic and gentle way to ensure optimal use of your most advanced skin care products.

Prep blot and blend was created to be used in a stippling motion this ensures your skincare is pressed into the skin rather than sitting on the surface. 

For best results: Use damp, run under a warm tap, and squeeze a few times before squeezing off any excess water in a towel, the sponge should be only slightly damp before used. Apply product in a tapping motion encourages blood and lymph circulation making the skin appear healthier and reduces the appearance dark circles.