Luxurious Double Sided Tanning Mitt & Exfoliating Glove Set (Black)

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  • LUXURIOUS SOFT TOUCH VELVET TANNING MITT Long-lasting, reusable and machine-washable our velour tanning mitts are perfect for creating an even streak free self-tan application.
  • TOUCH ME: With two sides of soft luxurious velour flock that work with all self-tanners and tinted moisturisers, applications just got a lot more lux.
  • LONGER-LASTING AND WATERPROOF - Our mitts have been designed with a built-in waterproof layer to prevent any tan from transferring onto your hands during application.
  • NOTHING YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN IS GOING TO WORK IF YOU DON'T EXFOLIATE. Our Exfoliation Gloves preps skin for an even, streak-free tan. Working to help you in two ways; to remove dull dead skin and any self-tan residue, Use the gloves wet, lathered and in circular motions to create a smooth surface.