Barely Definer Sponge Hard

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Designed to Define:
The Ideal Tool for Highlighting, Contouring, Guiding and Blending.

Definer Sponge Hard has a chiselled end that's useful for applying product to hard to reach areas as well as an eraser for perfecting fine details. It can also be used
as a straight edge for creating the straight and even eyeliners, contours and highlights, as well as to perfect lip lines. The flat sides can be used to sculpt the face and the rounded edge to bounce product onto the skin.

How to use Barely’s Definer Hard sponge
- Contouring (Cream/ Liquid): Using the flat side of the sponge, apply product just under your cheekbones, then use a tapping motion to blend out any visible lines. (Use sponge damp)

- Winged Eyeshadow: Place sponge on the outer corner of the eye at a 45-degree angle; apply a dark shadow to the outer third of the eye. (Remove sponge) To finish take a medium colour, apply to the centre of the eyelid and blend. (Use sponge dry)

-Flicked Eyeliner: Set the sponge against the outer corner of the eye at a 45-degree angle and draw on your eyeliner in an upward motion, remove the sponge to reveal a sharp feline flick. (Use sponge dry)

-Barely’s Defined Lips: Conceal lips first, on your bottom lip place the sponge slightly on the inside of your natural lip-line at the corner of your mouth, coming to join your natural lip line as you reach the centre of the lip. On the top lip, again at the corner of the lip place the sponge slightly on the inside of the natural lip-line coming to meet the natural lip-line as you come about halfway up on that side of the lip. Remove sponge and slightly over-line the centre of both the bottom lip and the cupids bow.