Why is the trend for sponges happening now? What has inspired it?

I think the main influence for sponges at the minute has really come from an Insta make-up style. A full coverage look the truly appears flawless. To achieve this it takes a lot of blending, and the products need to be pressed and patted onto the skin with is something that is not always possible with a brush. The market offers a large range of brushes but its great to see sponges coming into their own. Not only can they be used for foundation and concealer application, they are used for liquid/cream highlight and contour, skincare, guides for flicked liner and lip liner, wing eyeshadow, the possibilities are endless and they create great value for money as brushes usually only have one purpose, whereas sponges can have many.  


What are the other benefits? What makes them better than flat or wedge-shaped sponges in terms of application?

Although we have always loved the definition you can achieve with an angled sponge, because of it's sharp sides it can leave foundation looking a little streaky. You need a sponge with a curve to it too, be able to get a flawless blend.


What are the other benefits?

We at Barely are all about making your makeup tools do more. Our sponges are more than just blending sponges, they can be used for applying moisturisers and primers but also is great for blending out product whether it be, foundation, concealer, liquid/cream highlight contour, and all our sponges work great with liquid, cream and powdered products, allowing you to be able to build a light, medium or full coverage finish to your make up.


How do I use my sponge?

We would recommend dampening and squeezing out excess water with all cosmetic applications, bar the Definer Hard when used as a guide for flicked liner and winged eyeshadow, then bounce your favourite, cream, powder or liquid formulas for a flawless finish. It's important to note our sponges will grow in size this keeps absorption of your favourite makeup to a minimum. When wet, the super soft material provides an even, smooth blend & bounce. The large rounded surface area ensures a quick application while the contoured tip offers precision. 

My sponge looks mouldy, what do I do?

Discontinue using your sponge if you notice any mould. Proper care is essential for preventing any mould. We recommend washing your sponge after every use. Rinse and squeeze the sponge to remove any excess cleanser and water. Allow to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area. It’s best to replace your sponge every 3 months for the best bounce and application.