Our Multi-dimensional, plush sponges can angle their way into any area of the face. Curves in all the right places and sharp lines to create definition, our sponges can hug and handle every contour.


Our Philosophy

Barely's vision stems from the desire to pare back, strip down, and waste less: we have focused on creating a range of beauty tools that absorb less and do more.
We believe that making the most out of your Make-up should never be costly and cosmetics tools should always have more than one purpose.


Featured collection

Barely Definer Soft Nude

Barely Definer Soft Nude

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Barely Definer Sponge Hard

Barely Definer Sponge Hard

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Our Key Features

  • Trademarked & Copy-written

    Protecting our brand from infringements is very important to us. In light of this, we have secured Trademarks, Copyrights and Design registrations against both our Brand and Products.

  • Industry Approved

    Our products are designed by Industry professionals and have been giving the seal of approval from numerous Makeup artists, Beauty Journalists, and Tastemakers within the Cosmetics Industry.

  • Multi-Fuctional

    Our products are designed to save you time and money by incorporating sharp lines for contouring and guiding as well as round edges for blotting and blending. They can be used wet or dry and suit for liquid, cream or powdered cosmetics.

  • Award-winning

    Our latex-free makeup sponges have won awards for both their shape and easy use-ability.